Apart from Deepavali, Ponggal, the Hindu New Year, Navratri and other important Hindu festivals, the Melaka Chetti community observes ‘Naik Bukit’ which is similar to the Chinese Qing Ming and Catholics’ All Souls’ Day. ‘Naik Bukit’ typically sees the community remembering and honouring their ancestors at the Melaka Chetti burial ground in Jelutong.

Far from a morbid or sombre affair, the ‘Naik Bukit’ is a lively outdoor activity which sees as members of the community from near and far returning to clean the gravesites of their deceased loved ones in addition to making offerings of food and incense. It is seen as a respectful family obligation that gets to the heart of filial piety.

Another ancestral prayer observed by the Melaka Chetti community is ‘Parchu’. Celebrated twice a year, the ‘Parchu Ponggal’ is observed on the eve of Ponggal in January while ‘Parchu Buah-buahan’ is held between June and July. Seasonal fruits offered during ‘Parchu Buah-buahan’ include durian, mangosteen, rambutan, duku-langsat and others.